Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What you need to know about pool and spa maintenance, construction and renovation. If it is not covered here please email

1. My pool was clear. Why has it changed colour?

A pool may be crystal clear and then after hot weather, the microorganisms such as bacteria and algae thrive. If you have a pool that has turned cloudy, green or has small particles then we recommend you bring a sample in-store.

2. What do I need to bring when bringing in a water sample for testing?

When you come into the store we will ask you a number of questions that will impact your test results. We have a detailed blog to cover the details however an overview of the minimum information required is:

  • A water sample collected just below the surface and stored in a clean water bottle.
  • The litreage of your pool.
  • Pool surface type (fibreglass/concrete/vinyl).
  • Filtration equipment including models.
  • Other equipment details such as the salt-chlorinator model.
  • The names of chemicals you use (i.e. Ezi-Chlor powder/liquid chlorine).

To find out more please read our blog or contact us.

3. We are renting and want to know how to keep our pool clean and clear?

Pools are affected by all elements including frequency of use, wind, air pollution, insects, the surrounding vegetation and temperatures. Water can become “cloudy” or “green”. We can offer a range of products and suggest you test the water for levels of pH, alkalinity, and chlorine. Alternatively, bring a sample to our store and we can assist and advise of your needs. It’s best to bring in a drinkable water bottle.


4. Its winter can I just cover the pool and leave until summer starts?

We would suggest that you winter-wise your pool with Pooltec or Beautec. Your pool will still need filtration of 4 hours per day and regular testing for balancing. A clear pool can still be unbalanced as an acidic pool discourages bacteria but can cause skin reactions.  The Oasis Pools team recommends that you monitor your pool with our test strips and then bring a sample in if the readings are out of the normal range or you notice a change.


5. Do I need to put chlorine in my pool during winter?

Yes, smaller amounts are needed and the level should be at 2-4ppm. You can switch to a product that doesn’t have stabiliser as sun protection is not required over the winter period.

6. How do I remove algae from my swimming pool?

If you have a well-balanced pool algae should not appear. We suggest you bring in a water sample so we can suggest the best algaecide and quantity required.

7. How often should the filtration pump and filter need maintenance?

Filtering is the primary source for treating your swimming pool water. This will enrich your quality of water and bather comfort. The most common methods of filtration are cartridges or sand/glass media. Your filter sand needs changing every 2 years to be most effective. Glass media will last longer but needs to be changed every 5 years. For filter pump-related queries please contact us.

Your pump should be operating at least 8 hours a day during summer and 4 hours per day during winter.

8. What accessories do I need for cleaning?

We have a range of cleaning equipment online and in our store. This includes poles, vacuum hosesleaf skimmers and brushes, and  vacuum plates. Take a photo of your equipment such as the skimmer basket and the lid. You can bring the photo in or email it to us and we can match it to our large range. We recommend the automatic cleaner range for today’s busy lifestyle.

9. How do I calculate the size of my pool?

Measure the length and width of your pool and multiply by the average depth i.e. shallow end + deep end / 2

Length (L) x Width (W) x Average Depth (D) = Litres

10. I have a scum line on my spa pool, what can I do?

A scum line is usually made up of a variety of body products, oils, and skin. These come off your body as you and your spa guests bathe. The best solution is to dump the pool water. You should then your cartridge filter then clean tiles with tile cleaner and the rest of the pool with a manual/automatic cleaner then refill. We then recommend you bring a water sample in store for testing so that we can recommend the correct volumes of chemicals required to balance your pool pH, alkalinity and hardness.

11. How often should I change the water in my spa?

The water in your spa pool should be changed every 2-3 months. Alternatively, if you have a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) reading of over 1500 in-store we will recommend that you dump and refill your spa pool. The reason is it becomes to difficult to balance with time, involves adding more chemicals to your water and particulates will increase in your pool.

12: How do I clean my cartridge filter?

You should wash your cartridge filter with the hose weekly. Then every 3 weeks soak your cartridge filter in a cleaner solution.



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