Your filtration system is made up of the pool pump, filter, and other equipment customised to your requirements. We have the best pool filtration systems for your swimming pool.

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Best Pool Filtration System Replacements For Your Pool


The filtration system is the heart of the pool and allows you to have top-quality swimming conditions. The pool needs to be sized correctly depending on the water volume in the pool.

Regular servicing of this equipment will ensure your system runs efficiently.

What does a filtration system do? Your pool pump sucks the swimming pool water from the skimmer(s) and the drains near the bottom of your pool. The pool water passes through the pump to your pool filter, removing debris, dirt, and some bacteria. The water then flows through the pipes. If you have a heater and or salt chlorinator they then pass through them. Finally, the clean water returns to the pool via the jets on the swimming pool walls.

Want to know more about how a pool filtration system works? Watch this video or Enquire Now today.

best filtration system pumps for your spa or pool


The pump circulates the flow of water through the filter to remove debris. Clean water is then pumped back into the pool.

Pool pumps come with a variety of specifications. These include power (hp), speed (1 speed, 2 speed, variable), self-priming, and more. We stock a number of leading brands including Zodiac, Filtermaster, Waterco, and Speck Badu. We even have smart pumps that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone with the iAqualink app.

We can advise you on the correct pump required based on the size of the existing filter tank. We stock a large range of pumps to suit your requirements.

The picture shows a spa filtration setup, however, we have installed and replaced a number of top-quality pool pumps.

If you have questions like –  how much hp (power) a pool pump should have for my pool? or how much does a pool pump cost? Enquire Now.

Two sizes Best Swimming Pool Sand Filters on Clear Sparkling Pool Water Background Oasis Pools


The filter gathers the fine particles, clarifies the water, and then returns clean water to the pool. Filter size is determined by the size of the pool (Litres) and the size of the pump (hp). We have a range of filters to match your pool. Options include a cartridge filter, sand filter, glass filter, or multi-cyclonic filter.

We have glass media and sand media in-store. What is the difference between glass media and sand media? Pool glass filter media typically lasts about 2-3 times as long as pool sand filter mediaGlass media also offers faster and superior backwashing so it is worth the extra investment.

A filter is like a sieve for your pool water. Pool debris cannot pass through the pores of filter cartridges or the spaces between the swimming pool filter media. If you want crystal clear, sparkling pool water, then you need the right filter for your swimming pool.

We use the details of your pool, the information you provide, and our decades of experience to match you with the right pool filtration system for your pool. Brands we have supplied include Filtermaster, Austral, and more.

Oasis Pools are your Auckland pool and spa specialists with a retail store in New Lynn. We have a range of inground pool filter systems for your concrete inground swimming pool. Come see us in-store or enquire now to find out what are the best filtration systems for your pool.