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Best Pool Filtration System Replacements For Your Pool


The filtration system is the heart of the pool and need to be housed in a water-proof and sound-proof enclosure.

We can supply and install a kit-set acoustic box in a range of sizes, that will reduce operating equipment noise levels by 70-80%. Alternatively a customised filter shed can be built on-site.


best filtration system pumps for your spa or pool


A pump will circulate the flow of water through the filter and back to the pool.

After consultation with you we about your pump requirements, we can supply and install the correct pump for your pool.

Pool pumps come in different makes, models with a variety of specification.

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Two sizes Best Swimming Pool Sand Filters on Clear Sparkling Pool Water Background Oasis Pools


Sand/Glass Filters

The filter tank gathers the fine particles, which will clarifies the water, and returns the clean water back to the pool. The size of the tank is determined by the literage of the pool.

After consultation with you about your filter tank requirements we can supply and install the correct size of tank for your pool.

Cartridge Filters

In addition a cartridge filter housing is an alternative system that can be supplied and installed in areas where water is in short supply.

We supply a range of filters including filter tanks, cartridge filter housings and a multi-cyclonic filter.

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