Filtration Systems

Your filtration system is made up of the pool pump, filter and other equipment customised to your requirements. We have the best filtration systems for your pool.


The filtration system is the heart of the pool and allows you to have top quality swimming conditions. The pool needs to be sized correctly depending on the water volume in the pool.

Regular servicing of this equipment will ensure your system runs efficiently.


The pump circulates the flow of water through the filter to remove debris. Clean water is then pumped back into the pool.

We can advise you on the correct pump required based on the size of the existing filter tank. We stock a large range of pumps to suit your requirements.


The filter gathers the fine particles, clarifies the water and then returns clean water to the pool. The filter size is determined by the litreage of the pool and the size of the pump. We have a range of filters to match your pool. Options include a catridge filter, sand or glass filter, or a multicyclonic filter.