Oasis Pools can retile, resurface, and lay new copings around the pool. We have an experienced tradesman who provide high-quality workmanship and access to quality equipment and parts. Both residential and commercial enquiries are welcome.

Oasis Pools are pool and spa specialists who can renovate your existing concrete pool


There are a number of products available to resurface a concrete pool. We choose the best materials. Therefore, all options are proven, durable, and have an expected lifespan of approximately 15 years depending on your maintenance programme.

Options include: marble plaster, Hydrazzo (polished plaster) and 100% pure crystal.

We will replace the surface on your pool with a white marble plaster that results in a smooth finish that is easy to look after. Copings and tiles can be replaced to create a new look for your pool.

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Best Pool Filtration System Replacements For Your Pool


Oasis Pools will upgrade your swimming pool equipment as required during the renovation. This includes the pump, filter, heater, chlorinators (saltwater, ozone, and chlorine chlorinators) and any other new equipment to automate the ongoing maintenance of the pool.

We have everything you need to get your pool running efficiently again.

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best filtration system pumps for your spa or pool


The filtration system includes the pump and filter cartridge.

The pump circulates the water through the filter which clears out microdebris and returns clean water to the pool. We have top quality filtration equipment in-store and can discuss this with you in-store.

The filtration system for an in-ground spa pool (pictured left) includes a variable speed pump, cartridge filter, and ozone chlorinator system.

The pump circulates the water through the filter which traps the fine debris in the cartridge. Clean water then passes through the chlorinator which kills any bacteria. The water is then pumped through the heating unit back to the pool. 

We stock a range of filtration equipment for your swimming pool and in-ground spas to get your pool/spa running efficiently again.

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Swimming Pool Tiles in every colour cyan purple white blue turquoise and concrete pavers with different textures - Oasis Pools Tiles and Copings


Eye-catching mosaic waterline tiles add a bold splash of colour to your pool or spa. A selection of options can be viewed in your local Oasis Pools & Spa retail store.

Coping stones/tiles outline the external upward-facing flat surface around the pool. They add definition and a textured non-slip surface around the edge of your pool.  We recommend that you upgrade these when renovating the internal surface of your pool.

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