Valet Services

Oasis Pools valet technicians are experts at cleaning all types of swimming pools and spa pools.

The regularity of visits depends on the equipment you are using, and the amount of time you can spend on your pool between our visits.

We Offer

  • A full valet or a basic valet service
  • A weekly, fortnightly and four weekly service
  • Green pool clean-ups

Extra Services

  • An assessment of your pool equipment
  • Repairs or replacement of faulty filtration and other equipment
  • Tuition on the operation of your pool and spa filtration equipment

Let us take care of your pool, so you can relax and enjoy it.

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Full Valet

The Oasis Pools valet team are qualified in providing you with a seamless experience taking away the stress of maintaining your pool.

Our full valet service goes beyond the basic service, making sure your pool is crystal clear. “Let us look after your pool, so you can enjoy it”.​

The full valet service includes:

  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash and rinse filter
  • Check pool equipment for any problems
  • Scoop debris from pool
  • Broom walls and floor
  • Carry out manual vacuum of pool
  • Add chemicals as required (charged separately)

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Basic Valet

The Oasis Pools valet team take away the stress of maintaining the chemistry in your pool.

Our Basic valet service is an economical option for pool owners who have more time to carry out the cleaning of their pool or have an automatic suction cleaner or robotic cleaner.

The basic valet service includes:​

  • Clean skimmer and hair and lint pot on the pump
  • Backwash and rinse filter
  • Add chemicals as required
  • Check pool equipment for any problems

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Green Pool Clean-Up

  • Has your pool just gone green?
  • Has it been neglected for months or possibly years?
  • Are you throwing chemical at it, and nothing is working?
  • Is your equipment in working order?

Do not stress, we can help you…

Once a pool turns green it will take the correct combination and quantities of chemicals to restore the water.

If we consider your pool can be treated with chemicals this is the first and best option.

Our experienced valet technician will carry out a free-on-site visit to establish the best way to treat your pool.  We will then provide you with an estimated price for the clean-up.

Water testing and the application of chemicals is required over a minimum of two to three days.  The way the algae responds to the chemicals determines the time it will take for the clean-up. Once the algae have been killed and dropped to the floor, we then vacuum to waste to remove it from the pool.

Depending on the length of time it has been green and the amount of debris that may be present, the pool may require draining, cleaning, and refilling.

We take pride in handing a safe, crystal-clear pool back to you ready to enjoy.

Contact us to arrange a regular pool maintenance program.

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Water Testing

The Oasis Pools retail shop offers a free water testing service for their client’s pools & spas. If you are not already a client, then we can add you to our water test database. This allows us to record the details of your water chemistry and correct accordingly. Details of your pool will be required. For example, the litreage of your pool, surface type, and filtration equipment. The litreage of your pool is calculated using the length, width, and average depth. Please bring this information with you and your water sample.

How to take a correct sample of water:

  • Bring a sample of your pool water in a non-toxic container. A plastic water bottle is ideal. However, do not use a used soft drink bottle.
  • Take a sample of water at elbow depth, NOT off the surface.
  • All water tests carried out in-store come with a report and chemical advice.
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Commercial Valets

Commercial pools have complex maintenance and servicing requirements.

We support local school and gym pool facilities.

We offer support to the on-site maintenance teams with chemical testing and major servicing.

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Commercial Repairs

Commercial pools have complex maintenance and servicing requirements.

We service local school and gym pool facilities.

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Water Testing Drop Off Service


If you are already on our database you can now leave your water to be tested in the morning in our box outside the door.  You can then pick up your results and any chemicals later on or before 5 pm. For all new customers please come in-store as there is essential info we need prior to starting your water testing.

For database customers, we require your first and last name, the colour of your pool and your phone number to confirm the pickup time. Please complete this form and include with your labelled water sample.

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Pool Advisory

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Repair & Maintenance

Oasis Pools mobile technicians are pool & spa specialists.

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Valet Services

Our Pool technicians are experienced in maintaining your pool.

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Commercial Services / Valet

We strive for excellence within the commercial sector looking after schools and fitness centre pools.

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Water Testing

Oasis Pools retail shop offers a free water testing service for their client’s pools & spas

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