Algaecide Copper Free 2L

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Brand:  PoolWise

Chemical Type:  Algaecide for Salt Pools

Chemical Base:  Benzalkonium chloride

Size:  2L


Copper Free Algaecide is used to kill and prevent algae growth in swimming pools, is ideal for pools with Salt Chlorinators as it does not damage the cell. Maintaining an active algaecide level in your swimming pool, will reduce the demand for chlorine, allowing the chlorine level to work on killing bacteria and pathogens from the water.

Can be used in chlorine pools, but (DO NOT USE with Hydrogen Peroxide or Biguanide chemicals).

NOTE:  This product is also part of our  Wintering Pack  for salt water pools.



This is a 2 in 1 Product:


Copper-Free Algaecide is a  plus a Moss, Mould & Lichen Killer, which is safe to use around your pool without affecting the chemistry.

It removes Moss, Mould, and Lichen from outdoor hard surfaces such as:

*Paths  *Paving  *Timber Decking  *Mouldy Walls  *Weather Boards  *Asphalt  *Driveways  *Tennis Courts

*Canvas Awnings  *Colour Steel Roofs  *Fibreglass Boats *Glasshouses  *Pool Surrounds  *Patio Furniture etc


Safety:  See the packaging or download the MSDS here


Also available in  5L

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