AquaChek Biguanide Test Strips

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AquaChek Biguanide Test Strips


Brand:  AquaChek

Type:  Biguanide (AquaSpa Sanitiser)

Size:  25 Test Strips


Easy to use Biguanide Test Strips with dip & read results. Measures pH, Alkalinity, and AquaSpa sanitiser levels in spa pools.


  1. Dip strip and remove
  2. Wait 15 seconds
  3. Compare pH 7.2-7.6ppm and Alkalinity 80-140ppm to the chart  (on the back of the container)
  4. Re-dip and move strip rapidly back and forth for a full 30 seconds
  5. Compare Biguanide 15-20ppm
  • Maintaining the correct pH level helps prevent scale formation and corrosion which can lead to costly repairs
  • A correct level of alkalinity prevents sudden pH changes
  • An ideal level of Biguanide helps to ensure clean clear water that is safe for bathers

Use to test levels of pH, Alkalinity, and Biguanide in   AquaSpa Start-up Pack

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