AquaChek Salt Test Strips

$24.90 NZD

AquaChek Salt Test Strips


Brand:  AquaChek

Type:  Pool Salt Test Strips

Size:  10 x Strips


AquaChek Salt Test Strips are a quick easy method to test the level of salt (sodium chloride) in pool water, just dip and read.

Designed for customers who have a Salt Chlorinator installed in their filtration system. Monitoring salinity (salt level) is essential for saltwater pools as high levels of salt can lead to corrosion and side effects. Alternatively, a pool with too little salt will have lower chlorine levels allowing bacteria to thrive and  algae to grow. Both situations are not ideal. Each strip will read the level of salt from 400 to 7000ppm. Note: check your manual for your correct level for your chlorinator.

The Oasis Pools Team are here to help and support you with troubleshooting advice.


Also available the AquaChek Test Strips (7 in 1)



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