AquaSpa Start-Up Pack (Non-Chlorine)

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AquaSpa Start-Up Pack (Non-Chlorine)

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AquaSpa Start-Up Pack is an odourless Non-Chlorine range of chemicals suitable for people who suffer from asthma, skin allergies, or those who do not want to use chlorine.

Regular application of AquaSpa chemicals will provide a clean and healthy spa, for all to relax in without the chlorine smell.


  • AquaChek Biguanide Test Strips to ensure correct pH, Alkalinity, and sanitiser levels are maintained. (refer to the instruction on the container for correct use)
  • AquaSpa Sanitiser (500g) provides ongoing protection against harmful bacteria in your spa. Add weekly
  • AquaSpa Kleer (500g) is a unique clarifier that works in harmony with Spa Sanitiser to provide exceptional water clarity. Add weekly
  • AquaSpa Shock (500g) is a powerful non-chlorine oxidiser that helps burn out impurities and body fats. Add weekly and after bather use
  • AquaSpa Alkalinity Enhancer (500g) use to increase total alkalinity and pH. Add as required
  • AquaSpa pH Reducer (500g) use to lower pH and total alkalinity. Add as required
  • AquaSpa Calcium Enhancer (500g) use to raise calcium hardness. Add as required
  • Bucket (9L)
  • Instruction Sheet

Link for: AquaSpa Treatment Guide

Please contact us for further information and advice on the use of this product at (09) 826-0112

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