Aromatherapy Spa Salts – Exotic Night

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1 x 85g pottle




Aromatherapy Spa Salts – Exotic Night(Purple)


Brand:  Waters Choice

Spa Salts – Exotic Nights (Purple)

Spa Salts, Essential Oils

Size:  1 x 85g


Aromatherapy Spa Salts – Exotic Night 85g. Relax the mind, body, and spirit with essential oils and therapeutic natural fragrances.

This is a natural herbal extract with the powerful aroma of essential oils, that are specifically designed not to clog your filter. It is suitable for all spa pools/hot tubs and baths and is available in a range of fragrances, that will leave you feeling extra pampered after your soothing soak. Relax and enjoy.

Shake thoroughly before adding to your spa water because oils can settle to the bottom.

Dosage:  1-2 capfuls to achieve a desired strength


Also available in an  Aromatherapy Gift Pack  5 x 85g pack


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