$95.90 NZD



Brand:  EasyCare

Chemical Type:  Scale-Stain-Scum and Salt Cell Protector

Recommended Use:  Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Size:  1.89L


Beautec  is a Scale, Stain, Salt Cell Protector and Tile Cleaner in one. Beaufities your pool, leaves surfaces, tiles and equipment clean and looking new.


  • Protects pool surfaces, tile, and equipment from all stains, scum, and scale build-up….including hard silicates
  • Salt Cell Pools….descales, maintains, and optimizes output
  • Tile cleaner….removes scum and waterline calcium buildup
  • Provides superior year-round surface and equipment protection against damaging scale and stain build-up
  • Easy to use
  • Phosphate and acid-free
  • Low yearly cost

Dosage:  See bottle for full instructions


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