Bio-Pure Tablets (Water Treatment)

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Bio-Pure Tablets (Water Treatment)


Brand:  International Quadratics

Chemical Type:  Water Treatment Tablets

Size: 5 x 20g Tablets

Note:  Not suitable for ponds with fish.


Bio-Pure Tablets (Water Treatment) are water purifying tablets that treat water in tanks, boats, caravans, and water features. Biofilms consist of multiple layers of microorganisms forming a slimy buildup on surfaces.

When using for the first time or when double dosing is required for very cloudy or dirty water, it is recommended that you flush the lines as biofilm may be dislodged during the process.

  • Easy peel and pop dosing method
  • Add directly to the water source to be treated
  • Treats biofilm buildup
  • Water will be safe to drink after 12 hours using 1 tablet, or 24 hours using 2 tablets
  • Keeps water healthier for longer


  • 1 x tablet up to 2,000L water.
  • 2 x tablets  if the water is cloudy or dirty


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