BioFresh Tablets

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BioFresh Tablets

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Brand:  International Quadratics

Chemical Type:  Oxidizer

Chemical Base:  Chlorine Dioxide (not chlorine) precursor, Sodium Chlorite, and inorganic salt

Size:  4 x 20g tablets


Biofresh Tablets are a blend of precursor chemicals. When these tablets are added to water they form Chlorine Dioxide which will then attack and destroy the bio-film in the spa water.

  • Prevents and eliminates bio-film from spas/hot tubs
  • Easy peel and pop dosing method
  • Simple all year round maintenance product
  • Keeps spa healthier for longer

Spa pools are the perfect environment for bacterial growth. As such, it is important to ensure your pool water is balanced and treated to prevent the build-up of micro-organisms. Biofilms often form in the hidden parts of your spa such as pipes and tubes. However, they can form anywhere where warm un-treated water is allowed to remain.


  • 1 x tablet once a month for occasional use
  • 1 x tablet fortnightly for frequently used or commercial spas

Read more about this product IQ BioFresh Tablets Brochure

Safety:  See packaging or download the MSDS here


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