Butterfly Clip (for pool covers)

$4.90 NZD

Butterfly Clip (for pool covers)


Colour:  Black

Unit:  Plastic Clip


A Butterfly clip (for pool cover) is a spare part used to attached swimming pool cover to a roller system. Designed for use with a variety of pool covers (solar bubble covers).

If your pool cover is getting tired then Oasis Pools offer custom-made swimming pool covers designed to fit your pool. Our pool cover options include bubble covers, thermal blankets and debris covers. No matter the shape or size of your pool we can quote a cover solution to keep the heat in from your chosen heating system.

We also have a variety of swimming pool cover and roller solutions. Cover and roller solutions include slatted automatic cover & roller systems and mechanical rollers. Your pool cover and roller system can be hidden out of sight in the ground or under a deck. Find out more using our enquiry form or by reading this brochure: DOWNUNDER COVER STORAGE SYSTEM.

Enquire today with Oasis Pools for your pool or spa cover solutions and we can provide a quotation for the ideal solution.


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