C5 Chlorine Dioxide Precursor Tablet

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C5 Chlorine Dioxide Precursor Tablet

(Pool Treatment for Code Brown)


Brand:  IQ International Quadratics

Type:  Specialty Oxidiser

Dosage:  1 x tablet per 10,000L


C5 Chlorine Dioxide Precursor Tablets, known as Code Brown Pool treatment.  They are a treatment to protect swimmers against Cryptosporidium, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, E’Coli, Giardia Bacterias, and Parasites that greatly reduce pool closure time.

Easy to use, just peel and pop the recommended dose into the pool.

  • Shock dose at 1ppm
  • Greatly reduces pool closure time
  • Not pH-dependent
  • No chemical mixing required
  • Peel and pop dosing method
  • Does not form chloramines


Safety:  Please refer to the packaging or the MSDS here

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