Cartridge Filter – KC8 Intex A

$19.00 NZD


Cartridge Filter – KC8 Intex A


Brand:  Magnum Filters

Code:  KC8/Intex A


Width x Length:       110 x 204mm

Top Endcap:              Hole 50mm

Bottom Endcap:       Hole 50mm


Cartridge Filter – KC8 Intex A, is a replacement filter and is an essential part of your pool’s filtration system as it collects the contaminants and debris from the water, making sure your water is always perfectly clean and clear.

Above-ground pools need appropriate water quality monitoring and proper maintenance. We stock pool chemicals, filter cartridge cleaner, and filter cleaning tools to help maintain your swimming pool water.

Poor water quality can mean poor filtration. We recommend an upgrade from the small cartridge filter system to a larger Pump and Sand Filter Combo.

Together with the correct chemistry, sanitation and good water flow your swimming pool will be easier to maintain and always healthy to swim in.


Link to:  Water Wand Pro  and  Cartridge Cleaner


Contact:  Oasis Pools ph: (09) 826-0112 or email

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