Cell Cleaner 1L

$33.90 NZD

Store pickup ONLY

Cell Cleaner  1L –  Store pickup ONLY


Dangerous Goods cannot be shipped


Brand:  PoolWise

Chemical Type:  Salt Cell Cleaner

Chemical Base:  Phosphoric, Hydrochloric acid & Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

Size:  1L


Salt Cell Cleaner is a fast acting cleaning solution consisting of Phosphoric Acid and Organic Surfactant to aid in the cleaning process. Remove scale build-up off the cell plates without damaging the cell. When this buildup happens the effectiveness of your salt chlorinator to produce sanitation is reduced.

Dosage:  1 part Cell Cleaner to 4 parts Water


Storage and Safety: See the packaging or read the MSDS here


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