Dolphin S100 Robotic Cleaner

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Dolphin S100 Robotic Cleaner


Brand:  Maytronics

Type:  Robotic Pool Cleaner


The Dolphin S100 Robotic Cleaner allows you to enjoy your pool without the hard work. Forget about scrubbing the floor and scooping out leaves and dirt – the Dolphin S100 Robotic Pool Cleaner does it all for you, automatically! It leaves your pool floor clean of dirt and debris, and the pool water sparkling clean, ready for fun whenever you are.


  • Cycle time 2 hours
  • Pool length up to 10m
  • Filtration Easy-clean net basket
  • Top-access filtration system – with quick, no-mess emptying and washing
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Fast, debris-free water release
  • Active brush rotates at 2x the speed of the robot, resulting in enhanced cleaning capabilities
  • Complete coverage of all pool surfaces – with PowerStream mobility system
  • Self-learning robot adapts to the pool shape and surface for optimal cleaning results


Watch this demonstration or come in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a robotic cleaner?

Automatic pool cleaners are like vacuum cleaners for your pool.

How much does a Dolphin pool cleaner cost?

The dolphin vacuum cleaner price is reasonable for a top-quality pool robotic cleaner. We are not permitted to advertise pricing for this brand. Please contact us for pricing.

How long does a Dolphin pool cleaner last?

That all depends on how you treat your investment. With appropriate care, it should last approximately 5-7 years according to the manufacturer. However, this depends on many factors and does not constitute a guarantee.

Can I leave my pool cleaner in the pool?

No, while it is designed to be in pool water long enough to do its job, we don’t recommend leaving your pool cleaner in the pool water for extended periods of time. You should remove the robotic pool cleaner from the pool as soon as it has finished cleaning or when it needs charging, whichever is soonest.

Will this pool cleaner do all my pool cleaning for me?

Designed to last the Dolphin S100 pool cleaner makes light work of keeping your pool water sparkling clean and free of superficial dirt or debris. As with any pool cleaning machine you still have to do some work. If you want to reclaim almost all your time currently spent on cleaning your pool you will need a pool valet service.

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 330 × 450 × 555 mm

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