Downunder Hidden Cover Roller




Downunder Hidden Pool Cover Roller


Brand:  Sunbather DownunderTM

Brand:  In-ground Swimming Pool Cover Roller

Size:  Custom Made


The Sunbather DownunderTM Cover Storage System is designed to keep the pool cover and roller hidden and below foot. The pool cover roller can be installed into a timber deck, in an artificial lawn or a tiled area. Your thermal blanket will save energy, water, keep the pool clean and be safely and discreetly stored.


In-ground Pool Cover: 

  • Ideal for those that don’t want bulky rollers to trip over or in their line of sight.

Easy Operation: 

  • Lift the hinged lid and pull out the thermal blanket to cover your pool
  • Close the lid
  • Wind the cover back into the cavity when you are ready to swim
  • Close the lid and it disappears like magic


  • Blanket secured by straps for extra safety and security


  • Anodised aluminium hinged lid
  • In-deck or In-pit

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