Duck-Away 5L

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Duck-Away 5L – Duck Deterrent

Brand:  IQ International Quadratics

Chemical Type:  Duck Deterrent

Chemical Base:  Benzylalkonium Chloride and Alcohol Ethoxylate

Size:  5L

Duck Away solution deters ducks from swimming pools by changing the surface tension of the water making it difficult for ducks to float. This product is not harmful to ducks.

  • Calculate the dosage required for your swimming pool, mix with pool water and throw over the pool surface to distribute in the water.
  • Repeat the required dosage monthly if the pool is not in use.
  • Do not apply in conjunction with any products containing benzalkonium chloride, alcohol ethoxylated or algaecides.
  • Wait at least 48 hours following a chlorine shock treatment before adding this product to prevent a cloudy pool.

Dosage:   1L per 10,000L


Safety:  See packaging or download the MSDS here


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