Fast Floc 1L

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Fast Floc 1L – Store pick up ONLY


Brand:  IQ Fast Floc

Chemical Type:  Concentrated flocculant

Chemical Base: Polyaluminium Chloride complex plus polymer

Size:  1L


Fast Floc is a super-fast and effective treatment to cause fine particles suspended in the water to clump and sink to the pool floor. This will clarify the body of your pool water and then you can vacuum the debris on the pool floor to waste leaving a crystal clear pool.  Best results are achieved when the pool water pH is between 7.5 – 7.8.

This concentrated flocculant contains an accelerator compound that super-charges the flocculant nature of this chemical resulting in rapid results. Your pool water will be clear almost straight away (after vacuuming).

Ideal for cleaning up pools that have suspended matter. For example cloudy pools with algae or bacteria. This product should be used after the water is treated to solve the original imbalance that causes the growth of micro-organisms.

Dosage:  200ml per 10,000L


Storage and Safety: Link to Safety Data Sheet


NOTE:  Not recommended for Cartridge or D.E Filters

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