Cartridge Cleaner 1L

$29.90 NZD

Cartridge Cleaner 1L


Brand:  SpaWise

Chemical Type:  Cartridge Degreaser

Chemical Base:  Organic Acids and Dispersants

Size:  1L


Cartridge Cleaner is a concentrated cleaning solution for the removal of dirt, oil, body fat, grease and film from your cartridge/filter. To maintain the quality of your spa water it is essential to regularly clean your spa pool cartridge filter. Soak it overnight and then rinse well with your hose. Keeping the filters clean is an important part of maintenance for your spa/pool.

A cartridge/filter cleaning tool  Jetzo or  Water Wand Pro hose attachment will make this job really easy, opening up the fins and allowing water into the depth of the filter.

“Clean filter – happy spa or pool.”

Dosage:  250ml per 10-litre bucket for the average size filter


Storage and Safety: Link to Safety Data Sheet


Contact your Auckland Oasis Pools Spa Specialists or visit us in-store if you have any questions regarding spa filter cleaning.


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