Filter Media 20kg – Glass

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Filter Media 20kg – Glass



Brand:  Industrial Sands

Product Type:  Glass Filter Media

Size:  20kg


Glass Media has all of the characteristics of sand, plus more. Glass, in its most common form, can filter down to 9 microns. Unlike sand which has jagged edges to trap particles, glass has a negative charge on the surface, which is able to attract the finest of particles. Glass media lasts about 2-3 times longer than sand filter media. Glass is made of finer particles than our sand. 

On average, the glass should be replaced every 5–8 years, however, this is dependent on the size of equipment to the volume of water, and the bather load over that period of time. Maintaining good filter media, and filtration equipment are essential for the optimal filtration of your pool water. When filtration is poor, this reduces the quality and clarity of the pool water.


Contact Oasis Pools for a glass change and service on your filter tank (09) 826-0112


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