Filter Sox Disc -Yellow

$17.90 NZD


Filter Sox Disc – Yellow


Type:  for Poolrite S1800 Skimmer Basket

Type:  for Waterco MK11 Skimmer Basket

Size:  Large Diameter 195mm


Check the list below for which colour coded option is best for your skimmer box. Contact us with any questions or for confirmation.

The disc is designed to allow a continual flow of water as the sock fills with debris. This can help prevent the pump from running dry and avoid expensive repairs.

The Filter Sox Disc can extend the time between sox changes, however regular checking and cleaning of the sox is required for maximum performance.


Installation Steps

  • Place Filter Sox Disc on top of the skimmer basket.
  • Stretch Filter Sox over the disc and basket rim.
  • Align oval hole in Filter Sox Disc with vacuum plate hole and bypass to ensure the valve of cover can move freely.


This product is for use with Poolrite S1800 / Waterco 11. MFD300 skimmer basket (yellow). See other options for Quiptron skimmer basket (blue), Poolrite S2500/Waterco/Nall MK1/Paramount (red), Filtrite SK900/SK950 (green). Select the right product from the product list or ask our specialists.

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