FloPro VS

$2,470.00 NZD

FloPro VS


Zodiac variable speed pumps can operate for longer at a slower speed adapted to each pool’s needs, thus reducing electricity consumption by up to 90%. This means the pump pays for itself in three seasons on average*.


Thanks to their advanced technology, Zodiac variable speed pumps emit up to 24 dB(A)** less than a standard single-speed pump. A sound level comparable to that of a library.


The FloPro VS AUT model differs from other pumps due to its connectivity. With the Wi-Fi IQPUMP module (separate accessory), the pump is remotely programmable from your smartphone. The intuitive user interface allows you to control filtration from the free iAquaLink app. View your pump’s status at a glance and register up to 10 different programs at any moment, wherever you are.


  • Easy install
  • User-friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quiet
  • Safe


Power Rating 1.65 HP
Power Supply 220-240 V – 50 Hz
Max P1 1.50 kW
Max P2 1.23 kW
Max Flow 29.5 m³/h
Flow 10m 24.0m³/h
Max HMT 21.6m 21.6m
Speeds 600-3450 RPM (8 speeds can be saved)
Insulation Class F
Unit Protection Rating IPX4


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