Hydrochloric Acid 20L

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Hydrochloric Acid – Store pickup ONLY



Brand:  Poolwise

Chemical Type:  Specialty Chemical

Chemical Base:  Hydrochloric Acid (24% Concentrated)

Size:  20L


Hydrochloric Acid is used to decreases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pool water.  Generally used in conjunction with automatic pH dosing systems.

It is used by professional personel for etching concrete, brick and pavers to adequately prepare the surface prior to sealing or painting. It is also used for cleaning and polishing metal. Extra care is required when using this product.

Dosage:   Will depend on the pH and Total Alkalinity level.

A container deposit is required for this product if you don’t have an empty container to swap.


Note:  The Oasis Pools Team offers professional advice on the application of this product as it is a Dangerous Goods Class 09 826-0112


Safety:  See packaging or the MSDS here


Also available in 2L and 5L

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