Hanger raw
Hanger with fishing rod
Hanger with hose long
Hanger with screws transparent image packaged and unpacked
Hanger with screws transparent image side
Hanger with screws transparent image
Hanger with hose short

Aluminum Hanger

$9.90 NZD $5.00 NZD

Aluminum Hanger


Brand:  Kokido

Type:  Aluminium Hanger


The Aluminium Hanger is ideal to hang most pool or spa accessories and much more.

Includes:  2 x brackets, 4 x screws


  • Swimming pool and spa poles
  • Hose and accessories
  • Fishing rod
  • Bicycles
  • Garden and garage tools
  • Hanging pot plants etc
  • Laundry – washing basket, ironing board etc
  • Closet – Handbages, belts, scarves etc
  • Much much more….


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