Metal Magnet 1L

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Metal Magnet   Store pickup ONLY

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Brand:  PoolWise

Chemical Type:  Chelating/Sequestering Agent

Chemical Base:  360 G/L Phosphonic acid complex.

Size:  1L


Metal Magnet is for the prevention of metal stains and the build up of scale in swimming pools.  It works as a chelating agent to combines metals (iron, copper and/or manganese) in the pool water and keeps them sequestered (locked in solution).  This makes it difficult for the metal to preceipitate out of solution to cloud the water or stain the pool surface. However, it does not actually remove the metals from the water.

Used in conjuction with Pool Shimmer, the dissolved metal are removed from the pool water.

We recommend these products as a monthly maintenance treatment for swimming pool that are filled from water with high levels of metal. (ie: bore water)

Dosage:  Ask for professional advice on application


Safety:  See the packaging or read the MSDS here


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