Nature 2 Stick Spa Purifier

$72.90 NZD


Nature 2 Stick Spa Purifier


Brand:  Zodiac

Chemical Type:  Sanitiser

Chemical Base:  Silver, Copper and Zinc

Size:  98grams


Nature 2 Stick is a mineral based spa water purifying system that uses silver, zinc and copper to kill bacteria and algae. This revolutionary process of patented mineral-bed technology naturally destroys pathogens in your spa water. It automatically disperses silver and zinc ions into your spa, maintaining your water quality while reducing chlorine requirements. Silver is an effective bactericide, Copper and Zinc are used to combat algae.

Must be used with an oxidising agent and a registered chlorine product

  • Suitable for spas up to 2000 litres capacity
  • Controls bacteria, fungi and viruses in spas
  • Improves water quality
  • Reduces potential for stinging red eyes
  • Compatible with Ozonators
  • Provides spa sanitation for 4 months
  • Ideal to use with Spa Chlorine and MPS (Potassium Peroxymonosulphate) also known as Oxygen Shock


Nature 2 Stick SHOULD NOT BE USED with bromine products, copper based algaecides or biguanides products.

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