Poppits One Step Water Prep

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Poppits One Step Water Prep

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Brand:  Poppits

Chemical Type:  Balances Alkalinity & pH

Chemical Base:  Sodium Thiosulphate 0.5 – 2% (Soda)

Size:  1L & 2.5L


Poppits One Step Water Prep clears the water of contaminants, leaves the water Chlorine-free,  pH neutral and the Alkalinity greater than 100ppm. This product is used when initially setting up your spa and also during use to maintain the recommended pH and Alkalinity levels.

  • You must follow the startup instructions for Poppits products
  • Strips your spa water of Chlorine and other organic matter and sets pH to neutral
  • Must be used as part of the entire Poppits system
  • Approved by the Asthma Foundation

Dosage:  Instruction rates are listed on the back of the product.


Safety:  See packaging or individual products for MSDS here


Also Available in the Poppits range is the “Peroxsil 395”

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