Oxygen Shock 1kg

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Brand:  SpaWise

Chemical Type:  Specialty Chemical

Chemical Base:  Potassium Peroxymonosulphate

Size:  1kg


Oxygen Shock is a non-chlorine shock treatment for your spas and pools. It will removes odors and oxidizes organic contaminants with an effervescent water clearing action. Leaves water sparkling with a fresh clear appearance.

NOTE:  Oxygen Shock is not a sanitiser, Chlorine, Bromine or Ozone are forms of sanitisers that are necessary to kill bacteria from the water.


Dosage Spa:    30g per 1,000L (can use spas in 15 minutes)

Dosage Pool:  300g per 10,000 (add to pools weekly during summer/monthly during winter)


Safety:  See the packaging or read the MSDS here

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