Poppits Peroxsil 395 1L

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Brand:  Poppits

Chemical Type:  Peroxsil 395

Chemical Base:  Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Nitrate

Size:  1L


Peroxsil 395 is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver nitrate, which kills bacteria and oxidises the organic material in the spa water. It is totally safe and does not leave you smelling of chlorine when you leave the spa.

  • Peroxsil 395/Poppit Sanosil is allergy free and gentle on the skin
  • A combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver which kills bacteria and oxidises organic material
  • Clarifies to leave the water crystal clear
  • It is environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Peroxsil 395 Chlorine Free Sanitiser has replaced Peroxsil 595 / Poppits Sanosil in labeling and brand name.

Dosage:  Instruction rates are listed on the back of the product.


Safety:  See packaging or individual products for MSDS here


Also available in the Poppits range is the “One Step Water Prep


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