Reagent Test Kit – 4 in 1

$54.90 NZD

Reagent Test Kit – 4 in 1


Brand:  Aussie Gold

Type:  Manual Test Kit


Test Kit – 4 in 1 –  is a convenient method for fast and accurate reading of your pool or spas water chemistry, using various reagents and tablets.

  • Chlorine/Bromine
  • pH – Acid demand
  • Total Alkalinity


  • 1 x Test Vile
  • DPD No.1 tablets for free chlorine reading
  • Reagent solution No.2 pH test
  • Reagent solution No.3 acid demand and total alkalinity
  • Reagent solution No.4 chlorine neutralizer
  • Reagent solution No.5 total alkalinity
  • Includes instructions on how to use the test kit


Also available in individual replacement Aussie Gold solutions (Solution 2, Solution 3, Solution 4, Solution 5)

Replacement DPD Tablets


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