Polymeric Algaecide 1L

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Polymeric Algaecide 1L – Store pickup ONLY


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Brand:  PoolWise

Chemical Type:  Algaecide

Chemical Base:  Polymeric Quaternary Ammonium Compound

Size:  1L


Polymeric Algaecide is a metal free concentrated pool algaecide 685g/L Polymeric Quaternary Ammonium Compound.  It will  kill black spot, blue-green, mustard and green algae.  It can be used in conjunction with all forms of sanitiser, and is ideal for ionised and saltwater pools.

Dosage:  Initial dose 150ml per 10,000L

Dosage:  Maintenance 40ml per 10,000L per week


Safety:  See packaging or download the MSDS here

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