Pool Chlorine Granules 4kg

$69.90 NZD

Store pickup ONLY

Pool Chlorine Granules 4kg Store pickup ONLY


Dangerous Goods cannot be shipped


Brand:  PoolWise

Chemical Type:  Sanitiser

Chemical Base:  Calcium Hypochlorite

Size:  4kg


Pool Chlorine Granules is a calcium-based, unstabilised chlorine which is an option when stabilizer (sunblock/cyanuric acid) level gets to high.  Alway mix  the recommended amount in a bucket of water over night before adding to the pool. Pour the liquid only into the pool, do not add the chalky residue to the pool as this will make the water cloudy.

Dosage:   80g per 10,000L


Safety:  Please refer to the packaging or the MSDS here


Also available in 10kg


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