Pool Cover – Solar Blanket



Pool Cover – Solar Blanket


Brand:  BMH

Type:  Pool Solar Blanket (Bubble Cover)

Price:  POA


A Solar Bubble Cover floats on the pool water surface trapping heat in the pool.  The toughened, UV-resistant bubble plastic creates an insulating layer of air which will reduce evaporation and improve heat retention. The cover will also help keep debris out of the pool.

When the pool is covered at night, it will help to reduce heat loss making your morning dip less spine-chilling.

Different pool blanket grades are recommended for the following applications:

  1. Larger Residential Pools  & All Commercial Pools
    1. Heavy grade
    2. 500-600 micron
  2. Small Residential Pools
    1. Lighter
    2. 400 micron
  • If your budget allows, invest in a higher micron cover for better cover performance.
  • If you have either an electric or gas pool heater then you should consider investing in a pool cover to retain the heat in your pool.
  • If your budget allows, invest in a higher micron cover for better cover performance.


  • Constructed from UV stabilised plastic that consists of dimpled and flat clear layers
  • Lasts approximately 6 years subject to customer care
  • A thermal resistance value of 0.067
  • Virtually eliminates evaporation
  • Saves up to 70% of the pool heating energy requirements

Choose from the:

  • Soltego range with the traditional round bubble 550, 500, or 400 micron
  • Soltego Triple Cell 610 micron with the revolutionary tri bubble ( Download Brochure)
  • Geo Bubble 500 micron
  • All above options can be site trimmed, or upgraded with bound edges, reinforced reel end, and boom pocket with pull rope.

Cover Maintainance:

  • Always remove the cover prior to shock dosing or adding algaecides
  • Extend the life of this product with a cover reel to remove the cover easily
  • A shroud cover is recommended over the cover reel during hot summer days


NOTE: If you want to swim all year round we would recommend a ” Duokote Thermal Blanket ” which insulates and reduces heat loss via evaporation.

All pool covers are made to measure.

Please ring for a free measure and quote within the Auckland area.

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