Pooltec 1.89L

$83.90 NZD

Easycare Water Pooltec


Chemical Type: Specialty chemical

Chemical Base: Poly [oxyethylene (dimethylamino-ethylene (dimethylamino)-ethylene dichloride]

Size: 1.89L

Dosage Per 10,000 Litres: 63-125mL (see dosage table on the bottle).


Use EasyCare’s PoolTec algaecide, clarifier, and chlorine salt cell booster to keep your swimming pool’s water clean, clear, and under control.


Pooltec is a multi-tasking chemical that leaves you with clear water quality that boosts chlorine effectiveness and easy algae control and prevention. Pooltec should be used in your swimming pool weekly and synergies all types of chlorine to help provide clarity in your pool’s water. It also increases chlorine residuals in salt pools. Keeping your pool treated with Pooltec consistently can help you save money on monthly chemicals by eliminating cleanup products like algaecides and clarifiers. This specialty chemical helps to keep your pool maintenance low by keeping water fresh, clear, and algae-free. One bottle lasts an average 75,000L pool for two months. Simply pour it into your pool once a week.


  • Cuts chlorine use by 25-percent to 65-percent and more.
  • Superior algae control with easier overall pool maintenance.
  • One bottle will last the average 75,000L pool.
  • Substantially improves water quality and swimmers comfort.
  • 118mL weekly (per 38,000L) maintains water clean, clear, and algae-free.



Free of copper and silver metals. No chlorine consuming bromines.


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