Speck Badu 90 Series Pump

From $1,200.00

Speck Badu 90 Series Pump


Brand:  Speck Badu Series

Type:  Pool Pump

Size:  90/230 1 hp – $1,200.00

Size:  90/350 1.25 hp – $1,250.00

Size:  90/400 1.5 hp – $1,370.00


A Speck Badu 90 Series Pump is perfect for your spa pool or small swimming pool. The speck Super 90 series pumps power heating, salt chlorinator and automatic pool cleaners for your above ground or in-ground swimming pool.


It is manufactured with a high-quality carbon shaft seal and thermal plastic pump, the components are able to withstand abnormally high temperatures thus preventing severe and costly damage should the pump be starved of water.


  • Flow rates from 230 – 400 litres per minute
  • Quieter, smoother performance
  • German design and engineering
  • Easy to remove, non-corrosive, lid with handle
  • Robust construction, highest quality materials
  • Maximum effectiveness at a low power input


Model Code Input Watts Nominal Input HP
90 / 230 1000 1.0
90 / 350 1100 1.25
90 / 400 1300 1.5
90 / 500 1500 2.0

hp = horsepower which is the power of the pool pump. The higher the hp the higher the strength of the pump.


Why pick a Speck Badu 90 Series pool pump?

Speck is a leader in German-made pump technology. They have perfected the innovation and engineering of powerful pool pumps over the last 100 years. Their long-life design can power your pool in the most extreme environments.  They are known for their durability and quiet performance.

Speck Badu 90 Series Pumps come with a five-year warranty

  • Five (5) Year Factory Warranty on the following wet end components: Casing, Diffuser, Gland Housing, Impeller and Mechanical Seal.
  • Two (2) Year Factory Warranty on motor and in all commercial applications.

Read more about these pool pumps here: Speck 90 Series Swimming Pool Pumps

Not sure which pump is the best pool pump for your pool? Contact Oasis Pools.


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