Pure Enzymes – For Spas

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Pure Enzymes – For Spas


Brand:  Waters Choice

Type:  Non-Toxic Treatment

Size:  354ml


Pure Enzymes – For Spas is an all natural treatment that is bio-degradable, non-toxic based, with no hidden nasties.

It is an easy, convenient, and environmentally-friendly treatment that keeps your spa healthy and germ free for longer. It aids in stablising the pH level and eliminating bio-film (ie: body oils, lotions etc) from the water.  This will minimise chlorine or other chemical use, saving money and water. If this isn’t enough, it also conditions your skin and hair leaving them silky soft and radiant.


  • easy maintence routine
  • clears cloudy water
  •  prevents unpleasant odors
  •  reduces scum lines and filters from clogging
  • improves sanitiser performance
  • great for sensitive skin
  • reduce your chemical usage

Dosage:  Initial Treatment 170ml (1/2 a bottle) per 1000L

  • Plus add 2-3 capfuls weekly/fortnightly depending on use


Contact the  Oasis Pools Team (09) 826-0112 for further information


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