Safe-T-Chlor Chlorine 500g – POA

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Poolwise Safe-T-Chlor – Pickup in-store only

RRP: $17.90

Chemical Type: Chlorine Sanitiser

Chemical Base: Soduim Dichloroisocyanurate

Size: 500grams

Grams Per 10,000 Litres: 150grams


For the control of algae and bacteria in swimming pools

Small granular size and de-dusted.


Excellent chlorine for shocking and treating your pool. Kills algae growth and bacteria. It is dichlor and stabilized which means the lifespan on the water is higher than non stabilized chlorine.


Fast dissolving leaving no residue it is an ideal product for regular sanitizing treatment of swimming pools and also as supplementary chlorine for saltwater pools.


Also Available in 2Kg, 4KG, 10Kg



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