Sand Filter Media – 20kg

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Sand Filter Media – 20kg


Brand:  Industrial Sand

Product Type:  Sand Filter Media

Size:  20kg


Sand Filter Media – 20kg is used in filter tanks to clean the pool water. The water is pumped through the sand media with ease, and the debris and larger particles are caught and held in the sand bed allowing clean water to be pumped back into the pool.

On average, sand should be replaced every 3–5 years however, this is dependent on the size of equipment to the volume of water, and the bather load over that period of time. Maintaining good filter media, and filtration equipment are essential for the optimal filtration of your pool water. When filtration is poor, this will reduce the quality and clarity of the pool water.

Sand media is coarser than glass filter media and is made up of different particle sizes.


Contact Oasis Pools for a sand change and service on your filter tank (09) 826-0112

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