Scaletec – Plus

$105.90 NZD

Scaletec – Plus


Brand:  EasyCare

Chemical Type:  Remover of Calcium and Stains

Chemical Base:  Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic

Size:  1.89L


Scaletec Plus  removes calcium, waterline scale, metal stains, on pool surfaces, tile and equipment. Safely removes calcium-lime buildup and metal stains without acid washing, draining or scrubbing. This is an easy-to-pour chemical that prevents and removes stains from your swimming pool.


  • Removes white calcium buildup quickly
  • Descales entire pool and tile without using strong acids
  • Removes waterline tile scale without scrubbing
  • Decalcifies all pool equipment including filter unit, heater, piping, pool-vac, auto-filler and valves
  • No pool draining and refilling expense
  • No waiting- swim immediately
  • Easy to use

Dosage:  See bottle for full instructions


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