Scaletec Plus 1.9L

$105.90 NZD

Easycare Water Scaletec Plus


Chemical Type: Specialty Chemical

Size:1.9 Litre

Grams Per 10,000 Litres: 1 Litre


EasyCare’s Scaletec Plus Calcium and Stain Remover is the perfect remedy in keeping your swimming pool stain-free and in pristine condition. These come available as a single or two pack depending on your pool care needs.


Pool Chemical Features:

  • Descaler and stain remover
  • Available as a single and two pack
  • Calcium descaler, iron stain, and scum remover
  • One full 64 oz. bottle per 20,000 gallons



More Information

The EasyCare Scaletec Plus is an easy-to-pour chemical that prevents and removes stains from your swimming pool. It’s a high-performance calcium descaler, iron stain, and scum remover that leaves your pool fresh and clear. Scaletec Plus can be easily poured into your pool without scrubbing. Scaletec Plus is a great way to keep your pool stain-free while providing you with longevity and cost-efficiency for year-round protection.


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