Shock & Swim Chlorine 4kg

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Shock & Swim Chlorine 4kg

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Brand:  IQ

Chemical Type:  Sanitiser

Chemical Base:  Dichloroisocyanurate & Sodium Tetraborate Pentahydrate

Size:  4kg

Shock & Swim is an ideal sanitising treatment for both swimming pools and spa pools, either as a daily treatment or a convenient ‘once a week’ shock treatment. It will greatly enhance water clarity and bather comfort. The great thing about this product is there is no downtime in summer. Swimming may be resumed within one hour of applying Shock & Swim. It is suitable for all pool surfaces.

Dosage:  5g per 1,000L (Spa Pools)

Dosage:  100g per 10,000L (Pools)


Also available in 500g and 2kg


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