SimpleSilver 500g

$399.90 NZD

SimpleSilver 500g


Brand:  simplesilver™

Chemical Type:  Sanitiser – Non-Chlorine

Chemical Base:  Silver Minerals and Silver Oxide

Weight:  500g


simplesilver™the one step, once a year, total spa pool treatment.

Lasts for 12 months, hassle and maintenance-free, with no harmful chemicals.  It is easy to use, safe and gentle on skin, hair, eyes, and nose, just set and forget…… keeps your water clear for a year. Also, customers who, suffer from skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis have experienced relief without inflammation when using simplesilver™. Due to the natural minerals, also other customers have commented that it makes their skin feel much softer.

  •  gradually releases its minerals into the water killing bacteria
  •  requires a good flow of water
  •  treatments of chlorine can be used as required

*For professional advice regarding your spa contact the Team at Oasis Pools phone 09 8260112

Please Note:  To check out the filtering time that is required for your model of the spa pool, please read this Simple Silver and Pump Model Filtration Times excerpt from the simplesilver™ website.



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