Skimmer Weir Door – Waterco

$79.90 NZD


Skimmer Weir Door – Waterco


Brand:  Waterco

Product:  Skimmer Box Weir Door

Model:   S75 / Supaskimmer / Fulflo

Measurements:  145mm x 243mm


The Skimmer Weir Door – Waterco is a PVC flap in the skimmer box that allows debris to be skimmed from the surface during filtration and prevents it from returning to the swimming pool once the pump stops. Durable, chemical-resistant PVC construction protects it from chemicals and extends its life. If the skimmer door flap is cracked or jams then it is time to get a new one to prevent damage to the filtration equipment.


Link:  Waterco Skimmer Parts

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