Spa Chlorine 2kg

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Spa Chlorine 2kg Store pickup ONLY


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Brand:  SpaWise

Chemical Type:  Stabilised Sanitiser

Chemical Base:  Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate di-hydrate

Size:  2kg


Spa Chlorine is an effective and convenient treatment to control growth of bacteria and algae. To obtain an active chlorine level in warm water it is necessary to use a stabilized sanitiser which dissolves fast, starts acting immediately and remains effective for hours. Check the chlorine level daily and maintain a proper chlorine level of 2-5ppm free active chlorine. Shock dose weekly and change spa water every 6-8 weeks.

Chlorine is most effective when the spa water is balance.  Check at least weekly and maintain the recommended levels for alkalinity and pH. Adjust as required with Alkalinity Up and/or ph Up or Down.

Oasis Pools offers free water testing and expert advice.

Dosage:  10g per 1,000 litres


Safety:  Please refer to the packaging or the MSDS here


Also available in 1kg


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