Spa-Kleen Cleaner 500mL

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Brand:  SpaWise

Chemical Type:  Pipe Cleaner

Chemical Base:  Benzalkonium Chloride

Size: 500ml


Spa-Kleen is designed to clean the interior of spa pools and spa baths to remove the build-up from jets, pipes and pumps in one easy action. Simply add Spa Kleen to your spa or bath before draining, run the pump for five to ten minutes to ensure the product has cleaned all the plumbing system, then drain the water. Wipe down interior and refill.

All pipes need a good clear out every now and again and your spa pool pipes are the same. Grab your bottle and give your spa pool pipes a deep cleanse today.


NOTE: can be left to soak overnight as required.

Dosage:  125mls per 1,000L

Safety & Storage: Spa Kleen Material Data Safety Sheet

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