Spa pH Down 1kg

$17.90 NZD

Spa pH Down 1kg


Brand:  SpaWise

Chemical Type:  pH Decreaser

Chemical Base:  Sodium Bisulphate

Size:  1kg


Spa pH Down (decreaser) is a dry acid that is safe to handle and store. The recommended range for pH in spa and swimming pool water is 7.2 – 7.8. When the reading is below 7.2 the water is acidic and above 7.8 the water is alkaline. Alkaline water can cause scaling on all surfaces and leave the water cloudy.  When left untreated for long periods, this can cause a build-up on the pool surface and in the pipes, which will affect water flow, which will then put pressure on the filtration equipment. Chlorine is most effective at controlling bacteria and algae when pH level is within the recommended range. This also saves on chlorine usage.

  • Always mix and dissolve in a bucket of water, then pour at the return line or around the pool. Divide dosage required into 3 x increments as it is easier to add, but not so easy to take away.
  • Always have pump running when adding chemicals
  • Allow 4 hours of filtration between applications
  • Always retest before adding chemicals
  • Seek professional advice when unsure, for water testing and chemical application

Dosage:  Rate will depend on the pH and Total Alkalinity level. Check label or consult your local Pool Professional


Safety:  See packaging or download the MSDS here


Also available in 500g


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