Spa Start-Up Pack – Bromine

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Spa Start-Up Pack – Bromine

Bromine Spa Start-Up Pack is for owners of spa pools. Bromine is a slow dissolving tablet, placed in a floating dispenser, which makes daily sanitation of your spa pool easy. Chlorine is then used to carry out regular shock doses to kill resistant bacteria.

Our instruction sheet is set out to give clear instructions on the steps required to maintain a healthy spa.

Instruction sheet available for either a spa up to 700L or 1,000L


  • Aquachek (7-1) Test Kit
  • Bromine Tablets
  • Bromine Dispenser
  • pH Down (500g)
  • pH Up (400g)
  • Alkalinity Up (400g)
  • Water Hardener (350g)
  • Spa Chlorine (400g)
  • Bucket (9L)
  • Start-Up Instruction Sheet
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